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Testimonials Wanted

 February 26, 2019
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association

Did Walk to Tuk make a difference in your life? Did you have an amazing team captain? Did you have an inspirational team member? Do you have a fun Walk to Tuk story or highlight?

We’d love to hear your Walk to Tuk testimonial. Send your story to stremblay@nwtrpa.org

Here are some excerpts from testimonials we’ve received in the past.

“Walk to Tuk Got Me Moving and Active.” Melissa Sangris

One year ago, in the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy with my third daughter, I was hospitalized. During this time I was often unable to walk due to an uncomfortable condition known as Polyhydramnios (extra amniotic fluid in the amniotic sac). I was medevacked to Edmonton and remained there until my daughter was born and I was healthy enough to return home.  I started walking daily and doing exercises at home 6 weeks after the birth of my daughter. That was one year ago, and since that time I have lost a total of 60 lbs! Click here for the full story. 

“Walk to Tuk Got Me Moving and Active.” Melissa Sangris

“Walking Changed My Life.” Emily Lawson

For many years, Emily Lawson was bedridden and needed a wheelchair to get around. A few years ago, with the help of Walk to Tuk, she changed all that. Emily spoke to CBC about her journey. Click here to listen.

A Circus Family Team: The Jordison Family 

Participating in Walk to Tuk as a team of four is no easy task, each member has to walk a great deal further to keep up with bigger teams. But team Circus was up to the challenge. Click here to read what each team member had to say about their experiences during Walk to Tuk.

What the Mighty Monkeys Class Team said about Walk to Tuk:

Team Mighty Monkeys is a grade 4, 5, 6 split-class team from East Three Elementary school in Inuvik. Their goal is to Walk to Tuk and back! They had some thoughts on participating in the winter walking challenge and we’ve snapped some pictures of their written comments. Click here to see what they said.

Story by Jeanne Yurris, 2016 member of Walkline Bling 

I don’t think I realized how much my time my mother put into ensuring that myself and my siblings were happy, healthy, and enjoying life. She always played an active role in our extracurricular activities, from coaching my hockey team to being involved with the minor soccer, curling, and basketball leagues in town. While spending all this time looking after us, my mom didn’t spend much time looking after herself. Daily physical activity was not a top priority when she had three children to look after while working a full-time job and having a husband who traveled frequently for work. Click here for the full story.

Thoughts From Elder Eunice Nasogaluak:

“It is great incentive. I also like that you can exercise, get fresh air, and lose weight all at the same time.  The best thing is that all ages can join in. It’s for everybody. It’s ageless!” Click here for the full story. 

Joe Caidler’s Walk to Tuk 2013 Experience

For Joe Caidler of Norman Wells, the 2013 challenge came at a perfect time in his life.

Joe runs a business at the Norman Wells Airport called “Mr. Joe’s”. While participating in the challenge he changed his work hours to accommodate a regular daily walk, and he now looks forward to the walk as a great outlet and a stress reliever. At the half way point of the 2013 challenge, Joe stated “The hardest part is getting out the door. Once I’m out walking, I really enjoy the quiet time and I am already feeling better – I’ve lost 10 pounds, and my blood pressure is better. This challenge has turned my life around. Alasdair (the team captain) has been a great ambassador for the town and for this challenge. What’s neat about our team is that everyone is at different levels, but each person’s contribution adds to the total, and we all encourage each other.”