Healthy Food & Beverage

     November 8, 2013
    Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association

    Healthy Food & Beverage Application form: HFB Application Form Nov8.13

    The NWT Recreation and Parks Association is pleased to announce that with support from the Department of Health & Social Services, funding is now available for communities to assess and take action on improving the food and beverages being sold and consumed in their community recreation facilities.  $1,000 is available for communities to participate in this project.

    What is this project all about?

    Have you ever wanted to make some changes food or beverage wise in your local community recreation centers but didn’t know where to start?  Help is at hand!

    This project intends to help you make changes to the recreation food environment.  This can help promote health and provide energy for active people.  Projects like this are happening all over Canada and the NWT is already benefitting from work others have already done.

    Why get involved?

    The recreation sector has a big role to play in the health of their community where you promote physical activity.  Physical activity goes hand-in-hand with healthy eating.  Residents who are active, have fun and keep their weight off are healthier.  Sometimes foods offered at facilities don’t support healthy choices.

    Why should we get involved?

    There are lots of reasons for you to partner with us to start making healthy changes:

    Offering healthy foods contributes to the health and wellness of communities

    • Healthy environments attract positive attention and interest from your community
    • You would join many others who are improving health and wellness, such as the Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta and most other provinces
    • There may be a whole new market from a ‘makeover’ – local, homemade tasty, healthy foods!

    How can we get involved?

    Let us know if you are interested in working with us and we will guide you through two major steps:

    • Funding – apply for a $1,000 grant that can be used to support you in starting a facility assessment.  The funding can be used for staff time, meeting expenses, or any other expense that have in making a start.
    • Training – join us for a 1 day training session.  We will walk you through the Toolkit so you can assess your local food environment.  Travel costs will be covered on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Toolkit – the training will provide you with a Toolkit and forms to do a food and beverage audit then reviewing areas where changes could be made and then making a plan of action for making changes when the time is right.

    Change does not happen overnight

    By taking small steps, you can assess where your facilities are now and where improvements can be made.  The goal is to begin a process of making more healthy foods/drinks available so there is more choice.  Unhealthy options are only one choice!   We have a small amount of funding to help you with the process.

    For more information and to get involved, contact either the:

    The Nutrition Project Coordinator with the Government of the Northwest Territories:
    Nina Wilson, Nutrition Project Coordinator
    Box 1320, Yellowknife NT, X1A 2L9
    Phone: 867-920-3319

    The NWT Recreation and Parks Association:
    Geoff Ray, Executive Director
    Box 841, Yellowknife, NT X1A 2N6
    Phone: 867-669-8375