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Get Active Grants for JRPM!

 May 21, 2015
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association

In honour of June is Recreation & Parks Month we’re giving away a special round of GET ACTIVE GRANTS for events taking place in the month of June!


What is ‘June is Recreation & Parks Month’?
June is Recreation & Parks Month is a way to celebrate and promote the many benefits of recreation and parks.

Why celebrate?
June is Recreation & Parks Month is an opportunity to:

  • Highlight the great things that are already happening in parks, community and recreation centres, pools, schools and open spaces in your community that enhance the quality of life for residents;
  • recognize the importance and benefits of recreation and parks for physical, social and environmental health; and
  • participate in recreation and parks programs, services and facilities.

How can you get involved?

  • Help promote Recreation and Parks Month
    • Marketing materials are available for FREE! Use our templates, logos and resources to help launch your events. Click here for resources.
  • Visit the June is Recreation and Parks Month Calendar
    • Click here to see all the special days that take place in June.
  • June is Recreation and Parks Month celebration grant – sponsored by Get Active!  
    • Click here for more details and to apply for a grant to help support your June event.

June is also Senior Citizens’ Month!
Click here for a poster to promote Senior Citizens’ Month.

Are you organizing a Seniors/Elders event in June? Click here for details on available grants.