Boy Cutting Fish

Traditional Skills

The NWTRPA is committed to supporting opportunities for NWT residents to engage in culturally meaningful activities that celebrate and promote the traditional knowledges and skills of the Dene, Inuvialuit, and Métis people.

Land-based skills related to hunting, trapping, and fishing sustained the territory’s Indigenous people for millennia and they continue to do so. More than subsistence activities, traditional skills are cultural activities that are vital to community wellness and resilience.

Traditional skills and activities are an important component of canoeing and winter programs supported by the NWTRPA. The NWTRPA also encourages stand-alone activities. For example, in 2014, the NWTRPA supported a moose hide tanning camp for women near Gamètì.

If you are interested in working with the NWTRPA to develop a land camp or traditional skills workshop, please contact the On the Land Programs Consultant, Jessica Dunkin ( | 669-8376).