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Canoe Program

Through the Youth Canoe Training Program, the NWTRPA supports sustainable canoeing programs in NWT communities that:

  1. Provide youth with opportunities to identify and assume positive leadership roles.
  2. Help youth to improve their sense of self-esteem.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of cultural identity and promote on the land skills.
  4. Provide opportunities for community participation.
  5. Are led and organized by community members.
  6. Are safe and have a risk management strategy.
  7. Are fun!
**NOTE: The Youth Canoe Training Program is currently undergoing review. More information will be available in April.
Program Details

What do we mean by “canoeing programs”?

The NWTRPA supports a wide variety of canoeing activities, including but not limited to:

  • Multi-day canoe trips;
  • Day trips;
  • After school canoeing programs;
  • Canoeing clubs;
  • Canoe instruction.

We encourage canoeing programs that incorporate traditional activities and skills such as fishing, trapping, games, and storytelling with the help of local guides, community leaders, and elders. Program leaders may wish to offer high school credit to participants.

Who can apply?

Community governments, schools, and non-profit organizations that have insurance for going on the land with youth are encouraged to apply. Applicants must:

  • Be a current NWTRPA member or be willing to become a member;
  • Have experience working with youth;
  • Have outdoor experience appropriate to the program being proposed;
  • Be willing to make a multi-year commitment to working with the NWTRPA in order to develop a sustainable canoeing program;
  • Be willing to participate in relevant training (e.g. canoeing skills, first aid);
  • Be willing to develop and use a risk management strategy (we can provide templates and training);
  • Provide opportunities to celebrate the successes of program participants;
  • Have access to canoeing equipment.

What will we do for you?

​The NWTRPA offers training in:

  • Risk management;
  • Canoeing;
  • Program planning;
  • Wilderness and remote first aid;
  • GPS.

We do not provide funding. However, we can work with program leaders to access the necessary resources and to apply for funding from other supporters to ensure their programs continue.

Finally, we help leaders evaluate their program goals so they can make improvements in future years. In conjunction with the NWT Literacy Council, we can facilitate a debrief session with program participants using photos to help them reflect on what they learned from the program. Visit the Program Highlights page to see some examples of past PhotoVoice projects.