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Water Safety Update

 March 8, 2016
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association


What’s up with Water Safety in the NWT? During the first week in February, NWT organizations dedicated to making our lakes, rivers, waterfronts, ponds and pools safe aroundthe NWT met at the Don Cooper Building in Yellowknife. Going on its 5th year, the Water Safety Network (aka WSN), was originally established at the request of the NWTRPA Aquatics Committee to bring together organizations to share best practices in water safety, improve program delivery, and create opportunities for collaboration.

This year the afternoon-long meeting was attended by 13 members representing 10 organizations: Transport Canada, Canadian Safe Boating Council, the Injury Prevention Committee, School of Community Government of the GNWT, Town of Inuvik, Town of Fort Smith, City of Yellowknife, Lifesaving Society of Albert and the NWT, Mackenzie Recreation Association, and the NWTRPA Aquatics Committee. Members presented updates on the years past projects, provided information on their future endeavors, shared information based around a theme on Cold Water and discussed ways to better connect with the general public.

One exciting event that was discussed with members was the upcoming Canadian Safe Boating Council Symposium that will be held in Yellowknife at the end of September in 2016. This symposium will bring together boating enthusiasts from Canada and internationally and will include groups such as government policy makers, not-for-profits, marine law enforcement, first responders, boating safety educators, course providers, marina operators, manufacturers and many more.

Another item that came from the meeting was a new initiative for this coming year, a Cold Water themed Webpage. Based around the cold water theme, the group discussed providing a webpage, hosted on the NWTRPA website, which would link information from these organizations. The hope in doing this is to provide one venue for people to start with and which would allow them to know who is involved in keeping our water safe for all.

In closing, if you are a part of an organization that is dedicated or interested in the promotion of Water Safety in the NWT and have interest in being a part of this network, please feel free to connect with the NWTRPA either through email (rconstantineau@nwtrpa.org) or via phone (403-406-9475).