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A Walking Role Model

 January 25, 2016
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association

Story by Jeanne Yurris, member of Walkline Bling

I don’t think I realized how much my time my mother put into ensuring that myself and my siblings were happy, healthy and enjoying life.  She always played an active role in our gextracurricularr activities, from coaching my hockey team to being involved with the minor soccer, curling and basketball leagues in town. While spending all this time looking after us, my Mom didn’t spend much time looking after herself. Daily physical activity was not a top priority when she had three children to look after while working a full-time job and having a husband who travelled frequently for work.

In 2013, my Mom began walking outside and at the Fieldhouse in Yellowknife.  Fast forward to 2015, and my Mom is still walking every day! She has encouraged one of her friends to begin walking with her, they walk for 40 minutes together and then she does an extra 40 minutes by herself! Her walking sometimes turns into running, and in 2014 my Mom and I trained for and competed in a triathlon, the same triathlon she had competed in 20 years before (pregnant with me). This past summer we ran the 3000m race at the Yellowknife Track Meet in the open category. My mom and I now have a goal to go in one fun physical activity event each summer. The Walk to Tuk is a really fun way for us to participate in a challenge together during the winter months while I am away at university.

Every time I go home I join her at the track and it seems like she knows everyone there! In the summer she walks outdoors, and gets many compliments from friends on her dedication. This summer I had many people coming to me raving about my Mom’s walking habit. Every time my Mom is brought up in conversation with my friends there seems to be a positive comment about her walking. I am very proud of my Mom and her journey to creating change in her life.