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Sheena Tremblay – Making Us Proud!

 September 13, 2017
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association
Last Wednesday, Sheena Tremblay, Director, Active Communities, was awarded the Meritorious Service Decoration by Governor General David Johnston.

Here at the NWTRPA, we believe that the work of our committed staff is making a difference in the lives of NWTers everywhere – whether that’s by encouraging physically active events, supporting amazing land-based programs, or celebrating those recreation professionals and volunteers who have acted as leaders in their communities. But rarely is the work of one of our staff recognized as emphatically as it was last week.

Last Wednesday, Sheena Tremblay, Director, Active Communities, was awarded the Meritorious Service Decoration by the Governor General himself, his Excellency the honourable David Johnston. She was bestowed the honour in a ceremony at Yellowknife City Hall.

Sheena was chosen to receive this honour for her work on Walk to Tuk, the NWTRPA’s incredibly successful physical activity challenge. For all who don’t know (which, at this point are not many, it must be said), Walk to Tuk challenges NWTers to form teams and get moving during January and February, some of the coldest and darkest months of the year.

The program was started by Sheena eight years ago and has grown from 550 participants in its first year, to over 3600 in 2017 – and it is expected to see even more participants this year. From the time of its founding it has been Sheena’s innovative approach and tireless work ethic that have gone into building a program that engages people on a deeper level.

Walk To Tuk’s popular social media campaign #frostyfaces is a great example of this. During the challenge, participants are encouraged to send in their best pictures of themselves out walking with snotcicles and ice mascara. The initiative was an idea of Sheena’s that has been a resounding success with droves of pictures being sent in every year.

It’s this initiative, and ones like it, that demonstrate how Sheena has made Walk to Tuk into a program that’s not just about getting active. It’s also about building connections with others in your community and embracing the freezing temperatures and ever-present darkness that had previously made the winter such a slog.

Clearly, the Awards Committee agreed with everyone here at the NWTRPA that without Sheena there is no way that Walk to Tuk would be the success that it is today.