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Recreation North “In the North for the North” Training Program

 November 7, 2018
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association

After developing and piloting training for Northern recreation leaders, the Recreation North Training Program has officially launched in November 2018 with a series of remotely delivered learning events. 

Evaluation of the pilot demonstrated the value of the training to participants and employers. Nyasha Kamera (NU) appreciated learning from others. “A lot of brilliant ideas and creativity was shared; most of our experiences were very similar even though we came from three different territories.” CAO Kathy Clark from Haines Junction (YT) observed that “My employee gained confidence and was better able to do the programming. He was able to apply what was learned instantaneously and I see him do it on a daily basis.”

Moving forward, Recreation North is making a few changes to the Training Program by offering flexible learning options. “The program is flexible and works around people’s schedules and is online in blocks. This is really good – you can work around busy schedules and complete certification at a reasonable pace in a reasonable way” Jason Tologanak (NU).

The training is a series of learning events delivered remotely (by distance). In-person learning is offered through each territorial recreation and parks association. Each learning event takes about five hours to complete. Individuals may take one or several learning events for personal interest or professional development, or choose to complete 12 learning events for a Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership. The flexibility in how the program is now laid out will allow individuals to begin at any point throughout the year.

“With everything we learned (in the Pilot training) it seemed to be relevant to exactly what I was working with at that time. I used what we learned immediately and it worked” Pravina Bartlett (NWT).

Individuals living in the Yukon, Nunavut or Northwest Territories; looking for flexible training, certification or professional development opportunities; and with limited or little training or education in recreation will be interested in Recreation North’s Training Program. This year’s schedule of learning events along with registration information can be found at www.recnorth.ca and upcoming training events will be posted on the NWTRPA website.

About Recreation North: Recreation North is a tri-territorial partnership of the Recreation and Parks Association of the Yukon, the NWT Recreation and Parks Association, and the Recreation and Parks Association of Nunavut. It was established to provide training to strengthen the capacity of recreation leaders in Northern, rural, and remote communities. Visit www.recnorth.ca for more information.