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NWTRPA Launches New Grant Program

 May 28, 2020
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association

Update | June 18

Applications have closed for ARC grants! Funds are limited and we have received an incredible response from community members. As a result, we can no longer accept further applications this summer. Thank you to everyone that applied and for all of your interest in keeping your community Active, Resilient, and Connected during COVID-19! Check back with us this fall at www.nwtrpa.org as grants will likely be offered again then! 

We are excited to announce a unique grant program for June 2020 that will help keep your community Active, Resilient, and Connected through COVID-19.

With an increased need for physical activity and social connection, and a need to follow public health directives which limit community gatherings to ensure the health of residents, we are responding by offering Active, Resilient, Connected (ARC) grants to support NWT communities.

If you need assistance with your application or have any questions, we can help. Just contact our Active Communities Coordinator, Stefanie, by email (smiklosovic@nwtrpa.org) or by phone (867-669-8379).

What you need to know:

Organizations are encouraged to apply for the following grant categories to help their community members engage in recreation during COVID-19. Half of the grant will be sent upon application approval, and the remaining half of the grant will be sent once a final report is submitted (a final report template will be provided).

If you are an individual looking to apply for an ARC grant, please note that we cannot issue cheques to individuals. We can only issue checks to organizations. If you would like to do something for your community but are not part of an organization, reach out to a local organization in your community to see if they can accept a cheque on your behalf.

  • Applications are now open and will be approved on a first-come, first-serve basis!
  • Final reports must be submitted by August 15, 2020. Late reports will NOT be accepted; the remainder of the grant will not be released if late.
  • There are 5 categories of grants as described below:
    • Equipment                              $400
    • Online Recreation                   $200
    • Physically Distant Event          $400
    • Professional Development      $175
    • Other                                       As needed to a maximum of $400

* IMPORTANT: Any use of grant funds must be in line with GNWT public health directives at the time the grant is used (for events, this means at the time of the event); find the up-to-date guidelines listed on their website HERE.

Category 1: Equipment   

Grants of $400 are available to assist organizations in acquiring equipment for community recreation programs. Equipment can be used for community/public rentals or community programming. Organizations must describe how equipment will be used/managed and how many community members will benefit. Remember to follow GNWT public health directives and shop locally to support your community!

Examples of how to use the grant include:

  • Elders in Motion balls or bands
  • walking poles
  • yoga mats
  • life jackets 
  • bush kits

Category 2: Online Recreation 

Grants of $200 are available to help organizations organize a free online class for community members. Online classes can be specifically for Elders, for creating intergenerational connections, or for all community members. The grants can be used to pay for online instructor fees, online platform memberships, or internet/communications fees that enable them to run online classes that are free and open to the public. 

Organizations are encouraged to record the free class and post the link to their community’s social media accounts for people to use if they can’t join the live event.

For assistance on different online platforms available, call or e-mail Stefanie at 867-669-8379 or smiklosovic@nwtrpa.org

Category 3: Physically Distant Event 

Grants of $400 are available for organizations to host outdoor, physically distant events in their community. Events must be physically active in nature, be free and open to the public, and must follow all current (at time of the event) GNWT Public Health COVID-19 guidelines.

Category 4: Professional Development

Grants of $175 are available to help organizations pay for professional development (PD) fees for their staff. Applicants must show how the grant will result in increased physical activity or increased capacity to provide physical activity opportunities in the community within the next 6 months. Applicants must also provide details of the PD opportunity (dates, cost, duration, description of course, and name of staff member).

Category 5: Other

Grants ranging from $100-$400 are available to help organizations offer physical activity opportunities for their community that are not reflected in the above described grant categories. All activities must support opportunities for physical activity and demonstrate a benefit to the entire community.

Provide a description of what you would like to use the grant money for, and how much you are applying for. Grants will be provided based on the assessment of each application. Organizations may be asked for further information.

Some examples include: creating radio broadcasts or podcasts related to physical activity, creating instructional videos saved on USBs and given out to community members, etc.

Don’t delay in applying for an ARC grant this June!