Nominate Someone for an NWTRPA Award – Deadline July 31!

 July 10, 2018
Posted by ryoung

Each year the NWTRPA presents awards to celebrate and recognize dedicated recreation professionals and volunteers in northern communities for their continuing efforts and achievements in promoting recreation and active living for all northerners. This year is no different.

Those nominees who are selected for each award will be flown to Yellowknife all-expenses-paid to accept their award at the NWTRPA Awards Banquet on October 24, 2018.

The NWTRPA Awards are:

  1. Scott McAdam Youth Leadership Award – Recognizes a youth under the age of 24 for outstanding achievements and contribution towards improving the quality of life of members of their community through volunteerism, work experience, and studies.
  2. Innovation Award – Recognizes a community, organization, or individual in the NWT that has developed a creative, unique, or inventive program, facility, or approach to recreation and parks services. The award recipient demonstrates a commitment to improving access and opportunities for community members to choose an active and healthy lifestyle.
  3. Award of Excellence – Recognizes an individual, organization, or community that significantly contributes to recreation and parks development in the NWT. The award recipient demonstrates professionalism, community engagement, and significant achievements in the delivery of recreation and parks services.
  4. Active Elder Award – Recognizes inspirational elders who are active and share their traditional activities or knowledge. The Active Elder Award recognizes and honours community role models.
  5. Canadian Parks & Recreation Association Award of Merit – Recognizes an individual, organization, community, or business for outstanding achievement in recreation and parks. This achievement will have contributed to the advancement of recreation and parks territorially and/or nationally.
  6. Honourary Life Membership – Recognizes a member who has made an outstanding contribution to the recreation and parks field, who has significantly served the NWT Recreation and Parks Association and is nearing or has reached the end of their careers in the recreation and parks field. This award may recognize individuals or organizations.

Take a look at the 2018 Nominator’s Guide.

Nominate someone in your community today! Deadline for award nominations is July 31st, 2017.