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Membership Update: Constitution and Bylaw Changes

 August 15, 2018
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association

The NWT Recreation and Parks Association (NWTRPA) Board of Directors is proposing to make several changes to its Constitution and Bylaws Recently, the Board consulted a lawyer to improve the clarity of the NWTRPA’s Constitution and Bylaws and to make sure that they met the demands of the NWT Societies Act. Below is a summary of the proposed changes with some information about why the changes are needed.

Change #1: General Additions and Clarifications
General edits, additions, and other clarifications have been made to the Constitution and Bylaws to increase their clarity and understanding so as to avoid any future confusion. Many of these changes were recommended by our lawyer, including the addition of Article XII – Interpretation.

Change #2: Government and Non-Government Organizations Membership [page 1]
The NWTRPA recently changed its membership policy to allow for bundled memberships in the Government and Non-Government Organizations Membership Category. Proposed changes to the Bylaws allow for all bundled members to carry a vote at NWTRPA member meetings (including the AGM).

Change #3: Expulsion of Members [page 2]
The Recreation Code of Ethics was a program created in 1994 and is no longer promoted by the NWTRPA. Expelling a member based on a nearly 25-year-old program was considered unsound. As a result, Appendix A and all references to it have been removed.

Change #4: Termination of Membership [page 2]
A legal recommendation to clarify when membership terminates or expires. This will make it clear when NWTPRA membership ends or needs to be renewed.

Change #5: Notice of Meetings [page 3]
A legal recommendation to clarify how notice for member meetings can be made. This change now allows for email notice, making notification easier and more efficient.

Change #6: Election and Term of President [page 4]
Currently, the position of President is the only elected Board position with a term of one year. It has typically taken individuals at least one year to become oriented to this important position. This proposed change will allow for some more continuity on the Board while remaining accountable to the membership. If approved, this change will be implemented at the 2019 Annual General Meeting. This means that the position of President will remain a one-year term for the 2018 and 2019 Board elections.


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