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June is Recreation and Parks Month!

 June 6, 2016
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association

June is Recreation and Parks Month (JRPM) is finally here. And after approving 69 JRPM Get Active applications, we’re excited to say that there will be a ton of great JRPM events happening all across the territory. Find a June Get Active-funded event in your community!

2015 June PC Canoe Tripping Instructor Course - Fort Smith

2015 June PC Canoe Tripping Instructor Course – Fort Smith

The Many Benefits of Recreation and Parks

June’s arrival means a whole month celebrating the benefits of recreation and parks – and there are so many! Some of best aspects of recreation and parks are obvious, like the fact that they encourage physically active and imaginative play. But many people don’t realize the extent to which recreation and parks benefit other parts of our society, such as enhancing mental and social wellbeing. Joining a Nordic walking club, for example, can lead to increased self-esteem and life satisfaction, and help build social relationships by making it easier to make friends.

Recreation and parks also help build families and communities because they promote family cohesion and resiliency, and because community events help keep neighbors connected and communities strong. Recreation and parks also ensure there is easy access to outdoor spaces where people of all ages can connect with nature. Recreation and Parks even boosts the economy by creating sector-related jobs and improving general community wellbeing leading to reduced costs in health care, social services, and justice.

If you’ve experienced even one of these wonderful benefits for yourself, then spread the word. Send emails out about it, post on social media (with the hashtag #JRPM) and talk to your friends and family about why recreation and parks are great.

For a full list, check out our benefits of recreation and parks page.

Organizing a JRPM Event?

If you’re organizing a June is Recreation and Parks month event in your community, you should check out our resources page. We’ve got all kinds of materials to help you get started, from poster templates, to a JRPM calendar, to a social media web banner.