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Have You Met Our Interim Director of Active Communities?

 September 27, 2019
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association

We’d like to introduce Bri Krekoski to the NWTRPA team! In case you haven’t heard, our Director of Active Communities, Sheena Tremblay is away on maternity leave. While Sheena is away, Bri is taking on Sheena’s role and we are excited to introduce her to you.

Bri was born and raised on a farm near St. Paul, Alberta—a small town in North-Eastern Alberta, located on Kehewin and Saddle Lake Cree First Nations Territory (Treaty 6). 

Growing up connected to both competitive sports and settler farming culture, Bri has always been passionate about fitness and healthy living. Her meandering career path has taken her through areas of customer service, public health research,  rehabilitation services, and competitive athletics and coaching. She has lived in BC, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and of course—the NWT. 

She studied Interdisciplinary Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa, and more recently completed a degree in Health and Community Services from the University of Victoria, specializing in Healthy Aging.

“I have always been passionate about health equity, active living, and public health research. Specializing in healthy aging seemed like an opportunity to work with all of these, while serving a population in need of more services. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to put this all to use as the interim Director of Active Communities”.  — Bri Krekoski

These days, Bri can be found at the pool, playground, or frame lake trail with her nephews, working at the local brewpub, or hiking around with her canine companion. She has fallen in love with the active, northern lifestyle and is an avid soccer coach here in Yellowknife.

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