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Opening Our Pools and Waterfronts

 March 21, 2016
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association

In three short months, pools and waterfronts will be opening up all across the territory marking the beginning of aquatics season in the NWT! In many communities the pool or waterfront is activity central during the summer months. It’s where kids can work on their cannon balls and back floats, adults can enjoy regular exercise, lifeguards teach about water safety, and everyone makes lasting memories!

Although the communities are still focusing on winter activities (like WINTER CARNIVAL!) at the moment, some work is needed now in order to prepare for a June opening.

First, take some time to go through the final report the previous Aquatic Supervisor put together at closing last year.  This report should provide you with information on things such as: items to fix, chemicals to order, staffing suggestions, maintenance, and financing.  Some suggestions from the report may take a few weeks to take care of so make sure to give you and staff enough time to get them done. For those who want more information, a final report template can be found at www.nwtrpapoolwiki.com.

Next, review your budget. Does your budget include and cover your aquatic costs?  This might be something to discuss with the Senior Administrative Officer/Chief or council.  If you’re short on funding, there may be other options out there to help you bridge the gap.  For information on funding/discounts for aquatic training, connect with your Regional Aquatic Training Centre (in Yellowknife, Inuvik, Fort Smith or Hay River) or the NWTRPA. For information on federal funding for summer student positions, facility repairs and training on pool operations, get in touch with the GNWT Department of Municipal and Community Affairs.

Finally, if you have not done so already, start your hiring process!  Most communities hire university or college students as Aquatic Supervisors to assist with their aquatic needs for the summer.  With many schools finishing classes at the beginning of April, students are often looking to secure summer jobs as early as possible.  January and February see a large volume of students sending in resumes to the Seasonal Aquatic Supervisor Recruitment Program at the NWTRPA. If you are interested in the recruitment program, contact us at nwtlifeguardjobs@nwtrpa.org

Good Luck! And sweet day-dreams of Aquatic Season.