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Benefits of Recreation & Parks: Can You Name Them All?

 June 6, 2018
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association

In case you hadn’t already heard, June is Recreation and Parks month! It’s the time to celebrate all the benefits of recreation and parks in your community. But what exactly are the benefits of recreation and parks? I’m willing to bet that you think of a few. But can you name all five categories of the ways that recreation and parks benefit you ? *

1. Of course, recreation and parks help us get outside and get active. And that improves our physical and mental well being. That one’s easy.

2. But did you know that recreation and parks have a positive effect on your social well being too? Helping you to build stronger bonds with friends and even to help you to become more outgoing.

3. You might also have said that recreation and parks help you connect with nature. After all, it’s hard to connect with nature from your desk at work.4. How about the fact that recreation activities help build strong families and communities. That’s right, recreation community events help keep neighbors connected and make a community more welcoming for newcomers.

5. Okay, maybe you were able to guess the others, but I bet you didn’t know that recreation and parks have significant economic benefits too. Spending on recreation creates jobs, fosters tourism, and makes communities more attractive places in which to live, learn, work, play and visit.

* according to the Framework for Recreation in Canada