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Apply For a Swim to Survive® Grant – It’s Easy!

 December 22, 2016
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association
The Swim to Survive® Family Grant allows organizations working with families to apply for $850 to organize and host a free Swim to Survive event.


The Swim to Survive® NWT Family Grant allows organizations working with families (i.e. schools, foster groups, churches, youth tournaments, etc) to apply to receive $850 to organize and host a free Swim to Survive® family event at one of the Regional Aquatic Training Centres (RATC’s).

How do I apply?
To apply, fill out the online application.

Funds are limited! Applications will be approved on a first come – first serve basis.

When is the deadline for applications?

The application deadline is March 1, 2017 .


What is Swim to Survive®?
Swim to Survive®, a Lifesaving Society program, provides a meaningful swimming experience that increases physical literacy, teaches the essential minimum skills required to survive an unexpected fall into deep water and is a proven method to prevent drowning. For more information on Swim to Survive® click here or watch the video at the bottom of the page.

What could a Swim to Survive® event look like?

Creating your own unique Swim to Survive® family event is easy. First, make sure that the basic requirements are met. Your event must:

  • Be held at one of the Regional Aquatic Training Centres (RATC’s)
  • Happen between December 9, 2016 and March 28, 2017
  • Include Swim to Survive instruction (See important note below)
  • Be free for participants
  • Focus on families

Next, begin thinking up ways to make your event special. You will decide on:

  • Length of the event (ex. all day or only a few hours)
  • If you want other activities to go along with the Swim to Survive instruction (ex. crafts, indoor picnic lunch, etc.)

Important: Working with the Pool Supervisor at your Regional Aquatic Training Centre is key to determining the date, time, budget of event and swim to survive instruction plan (this must be done before applying).

What do I need to do to receive funding?

Take these easy steps to receive Swim to Survive® funding:

  1. Figure out the details of your event (who, what, when, where etc.)
  2. Figure out which Regional Aquatic Training Centre you’ll have the event at. You can find a contact information for all of the Centres here.
  3. Contact a Regional Aquatic Training Centre to get the go ahead on your plans. You’ll need to discuss the details of event, the date and time, as well as instructor capacity and costs;
  4. Once you’ve done that then you can apply online here.
  5. Once the event is done submit final report here. This must be completed by March 28, 2017
When do I get the funding?

Each grant will be awarded in two parts.

  • $425 upon approval of your application (along with an approval email that is forwarded to the RATC)
  • $425 after submission of your final report for the event (due March 28, 2017).
What can I use the money for?
You can use the grant for costs related to the event, such as:

  • Swim to survive® instructor fees
  • pool rental
  • travel
  • snacks or meals

Note: If your event will have other expenses, contact the NWTRPA Aquatic Coordinator at 403-406-9475 before submitting your application.

Prize Pack Information
All approved organizations will also receive a Swim to Survive® prize pack to use at their own discretion.

Important Dates
  • Application period is November 10 – March 1, 2017
  • All activities must take place before March 28, 2017
  • All final reports are due March 28, 2017
What Resources Are Available?
Customizable Event Poster
Event promotion Tips

Swim to Survive Video