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Announcing the 2018 NWTRPA Board of Directors

 November 1, 2018
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association
The NWTRPA saw the election of three new board members, the election of one previous board member, and the re-election of one board member.

The 2018 NWTRPA Board of Directors. L to R: Betty Ann Drybones, Maria Catholique, Rena Chapple, Nathan McPherson, Mary Gordon, Cynthia White, and Lorna Storr (missing: Jill Gilday).

For all who were unable to attend, last Thursday, October 25, we held our 2018 Annual General Meeting. The meeting took place at the Explorer Hotel, during our Annual Conference.

Among other things, there were many changes to the NWTRPA Board of Directors. Betty Ann Drybones, Rena Chapple, and Maria Catholique, all new to the Board, were elected as the North Slave Regional Director, Sahtu Regional Director, and South Slave Regional Director, respectively. Nathan McPherson, a previous NWTRPA Board Member, was elected Dehcho Regional Director for a 1-year term as the previous Director will be moving away. Cynthia White was re-elected to her position as President.

The 2018 Election Results are as follows:

  • President (1 -year term): Cynthia White; re-elected.
  • Dehcho Regional Director (1- year term): Nathan McPherson; previous board member.
  • North Slave Regional Director (2- year term): Betty Ann Drybones; acclaimed.
  • Sahtu Regional Director (2- year term): Rena Chapple; acclaimed.
  • South Slave Regional Director (2-year term): Maria Catholique; new board member.

The 2018 NWTRPA Board of Directors is as follows:

  • President – Cynthia White
  • Director-at-Large – Mary Gordon
  • Yellowknife Regional Director – Jill Gilday
  • Dehcho Regional Director – Nathan McPherson
  • Beaufort / Delta Regional Director – Lorna Storr
  • North Slave Regional Director – Betty Ann Drybones
  • Sahtu Regional Director – Rena Chapple
  • South Slave Regional Director – Maria Catholique