4 Easy Tips for Celebrating June is Recreation & Parks Month

 June 7, 2017
Posted by ryoung
Do you love recreation and parks, but just aren’t sure how to show it? We’ve put together this list just for you!

Everyone has their favourite time of year. For some it’s December when, despite the dark days, there are the Christmas holidays to look forward to. For others it’s August when the days are still hot, but there aren’t quite as many mosquitoes as there once were. For us at the NWTRPA our favourite time of year is June – and not just because the days are long and temperature is rising. We love June because it’s the time of year when we celebrate recreation and parks, and all the ways that they make our lives better.

In preparation for June is Recreation and Parks Month (JRPM), we’ve created a short list of the way that you can celebrate recreation and parks too!

1. Organize an Event

The best way celebrate recreation and parks is to organize a recreation and/or parks centred event! Need help getting started? We’ve also got a ton of resources to make putting on your event easy, including customizable event posterscalendar templates, and more!

2. Get Moving and Win!

Maybe organizing isn’t your thing. Then why not take part in an existing JRPM event happening in your community. You can find a list of the events happening on our JRPM events page. And while you’re at it why not give yourself the chance to win some great prizes by taking part in the Participaction 150 Playlist. All you have to do is try out the activities on their list and check them off on the 150 Playlist Website and you’ll be entered to win some great prizes.

3. Share Your Love For Recreation and Parks

None of that interest you? Why not just show your appreciation for recreation and parks in your community by talking about the benefits of recreation and parks on social media. You can share our benefits page, post a picture of yourself taking part in recreation and parks activities in your community, or just share/retweet one of our many JRPM-related posts during the month of June. You can also show your love by using our JRPM-themed Facebook and Twitter banner photos.

4. Put on an Elders Event

June isn’t just Recreation and Parks Month, it’s Senior Citzens’ Month too. Take a look at this handy poster to give you the inspiration you need to organize a Senior Citizens Month event in your community.