HIGH FIVE® is Canada’s only quality standard for organizations providing recreation and sport programs to children aged 6 to 12. As an Authorized Provider, the NWTRPA is a partner in delivering HIGH FIVE® across the NWT.

What is HIGH FIVE®?

HIGH FIVE® is Canada’s quality standard for children’s programs. Before HIGH FIVE, no standard existed and there was a clear need for an innovative approach to help organizations enhance program quality and provide positive experiences for children, which would remain with them for a lifetime.

How Can I Get Trained
  • Find A Training – First, find out if there is a training happening in your community, or in a nearby community.
  • Host a Training– If there are no trainings happening near you, why not host your own training. We’ll even assist you with set up and promotion.
  • Become a Trainer – If you’ve already received the base-level HIGH FIVE® training, become certified so that you can teach HIGH FIVE® trainings to others.

Do you have positive role models in your community? Are there folks or programs in your community that enhance the lives of children?Then nominate them!

Programs or individuals will receive a certificate along with a special HIGH FIVE® gift.

Nominations are open year round. Simply send the name of the organization or individual and a brief explanation as to why you are nominating them. Send your nomination to Amanda Grobbecker ([email protected] | (867) 669-8377).

What HIGH FIVE® training is available?

We have a variety of HIGH FIVE® trainings available. Read about them HERE.

For more information about HIGH FIVE®, visit their website at highfive.org.


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