Hosting an AFLCA Fitness Course

Does your community or organization want to host an AFLCA fitness training? Here is what you need to know.

Who can apply to host a fitness course?

Any health organization, elder/senior organization, school, community government or other organization that is interested in helping provide fitness training in their community.

How we will help?
  • We will organize logistics with the course instructor
  • We will cover the costs for the instructor’s flight and accommodations
  • We will create a poster for your community
  • We will help promote the course through social media
  • We will provide an online registration for course participants
Criteria to host a training course
  • The host organization must secure an appropriate location for the course which includes book work and active sessions.
  • A minimum of five people must register, pay and commit to participate in the course
  • Must provide coffee and tea
How can you start planning now?
  • Think about who in your community would want to take the training
  • Identify some potential dates the training
  • Secure a location for the training to take place.

Click here to apply to host a course. Submitting this application does not guarantee that a course will take place in your community. Once your application has been received, the NWTRPA will contact you to discuss further details.