Certification Process

How to become a certified fitness leader:

1) Contact the NWTRPA if you are looking to attend or host an Exercise Theory Course in your community.

2) Complete the AFLCA Exercise Theory Course and Exam
*You have one year to complete the certification process from your initial Exercise Theory exam date.

3) Participate in one AFLCA Specialization Course and exam

  • Group Exercise: Choreography, Cycle, Step, Portable Equipment, Mind-Body;
  • Aquatic Exercise;
  • Resistance Training; or
  • Fitness for the Older Adult.

4) Complete a practical assessment overseen by an AFLCA trainer. In order to help with this step the NWTRPA may be able to help organize assessments with a certified trainer. Alternatively participants must send a video of their session to the trainer for assessment.

5) Obtain current CPR Level C training.
*The NWTRPA may be able to help facilitate a CPR training course.

6) Submit Certification Documents to AFLCA:

  1. Group Exercise Certification Checklist
  2. Resistance Training Certification Checklist
  3. Aquatic Fitness Certification Checklist
  4. Fitness for the Older Adult Certification Checklist
  5. Certified Fitness Trainer Certification Checklist
  6. CPR(CPR-Level A minimum for AFLCA Leaders, CPR Level C – minimum for CFTs) CPR MUST BE RENEWED ANNUALLY! Online CPR training is NOT

*There may be options to challenge exams if eligible

Click here to see the AFLCA Group Exercise Leader Leader Scope of Practice