Elders in Motion Support Program

The Elders in Motion Program aims to improve access to physical activity opportunities for NWT elders. Elders in Motion works to increase independence and functional mobility for older adults. The program includes training and support for communities, groups and individuals interested in developing and maintaining an elder fitness group.

Who can apply for the Elders in Motion Program?

Any health organization, elder/senior organization, school, community government or other organization that is interested in delivering a fitness program for Elders in their community. We hope that your program will include physical activity as well as traditional activities. We offer a series of training workshops developed for northern communities. The Elders in Motion Program offers some initial funding but we can work with you to obtain future funding from other supporters to ensure that your program is sustainable.

What will we do for you?
  • We have initial funding that can be used for transportation, equipment, healthy snacks, prizes or for anything that will help ensure your Elders program is a success;
  • We will help you plan the program as well as offer ongoing support;
  • We will offer training so leaders understand what activities are appropriate and safe for Elders; and
  • We will offer tips and suggestions from other NWT Elders program.
What training do we offer?
  • Active Living Exercise Program (10 Simple yet progressive exercises);
  • Elders in Motion Programming Workshop;
  • Balls and Balance Workshop; and
  • Facilitator Training,  as well as the Senior Fitness Instructors Course.
How much funding will you receive?
  • If your application is approved you can receive up to $2,500.00
  • The organization will plan, organize and run an Elders fitness program;
  • Priority will be given to groups that do not already have an exercise program for Elders;
  • Organizers must be willing to participate in the Elders programming workshop, the Active Living Exercise Program and the Balls and Balance workshop;
  • The planned Elders group must plan to meet at least until March 2016 with plans to continue thereafter; and
  • The successful applicants will be required to enter into an agreement with the NWTRPA.
What will we do for you after the program?
  • We can help you evaluate the goals of your program to make it better next year and to get more funding from other supporters
  • We will continue to offer tips and encouragement in order to continue the Elders program in your community
How can you start planning now?
  • Talk with the Elders in your community to see what they are interested in;
  • Find a location for the program to take place;
  • Think which days of the week and time of day would work for program leaders and Elders; and
  • Think about who in your community would want to take the training.
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