Conference Session Descriptions

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Tuesday, October 23RD, 2018



Creating Cultural Connections Between Youth and Elders Through The Arts

DESCRIPTION: Qaggiavuut’s programming addresses the root causes of isolation, connecting youth with elders and knowledge keepers through the performing arts. Qaggiavuut shares their exciting project, Kiviuq Returns Youth, where a group of young Inuit artists were trained in the ancient storytelling and music by elders and then travelled to 12 Arctic communities to return the ancient hero Kiviuq to children and youth.
PRESENTERS: Christine Tootoo & Ellen Hamilton



ELDERS IN MOTION: Make Space for Everyone

DESCRIPTION: Are your community places, spaces, and activities accessible? This session will engage you in a dynamic conversation about accessibility, suggest practical tips to help organize accessible events and programs, and identify ways to implement creative techniques to ensure community spaces are accessible and meet the needs of diverse residents. Let’s change the way we think, talk, and act about accessibility.


DESCRIPTION: Join us for a talk on creating LGBTQ2S inclusive environments and policies. This talk will focus on the needs of LGBTQ2S youth, and the barriers and challenges they often experience when accessing support services. The main objective of this talk will be to provide attendees with an understanding on how to develop LGBTQ2S inclusive practices, policies, and environments, so that all young people are safe and welcome, regardless of their gender or sexual identity

RECREATION LEADERSHIP: Having Good Conversations about Difficult Things

DESCRIPTION: In this presentation we will discuss what makes some things difficult to talk about and give some examples, such as discussing performance expectations and resolving a conflict that has arisen. We will teach some tools for good communication to help you: manage your own reactions; listen effectively; and be curious about the other person’s perspective and let go of assumptions. We will also demonstrate how these tools can help people have a more positive experience in dealing with difficult things. This presentation will be delivered using a participatory and restorative approach.

ON THE LAND: Getting Out on the Land

DESCRIPTION: Do you have an idea for an on the land program, but need funds, equipment, training, program support, or other resources? The NWT On The Land Collaborative can help! In this session, you’ll meet some of the partners; learn about the application process, including tips for success; and be inspired by some of our featured projects. You’ll also have an opportunity to let us know how we can better support the work that you are doing or want to do.



Speed Dating: Creating Connections

DESCRIPTION: In this structured networking session you will learn about the different resources and programs available to you. These quick round-table discussions will give you snippets of information on a wide-variety of topics related to Recreation, On the Land programs, Youth centres, and Elder programs.


Wednesday, October 24TH, 2018



Bounce Back League: How Trauma-Informed Practices in Recreation and Sport Can Help Youth Weather the Ups and Downs of Life

DESCRIPTION: Join us as we unpack what trauma entails and how Boys and Girls Clubs staff have been using trauma-informed coaching practices to help increase confidence and resiliency in youth through a new initiative: the Bounce Back League. We’ll explore basic information about trauma and trauma-informed approaches to recreation/coaching. Participants will have the opportunity to try out some Bounce Back League activities in a fun, supportive environment.
PRESENTERS: Bruce Scott and Maren Rojas

Resources: Bounce Back League PowerPoint Presentation and The Brain’s Reaction to Stress



Self Defense

DESCRIPTIONIt is important for everyone to have the basic skills to defend themselves in threatening circumstances. Most self defence programs are complicated and require significant practice to perfect. Our aim is to teach simple tactics that can be initiated in stressful situations and mastered with minimal practice. We will teach you to be the victor not the victim. Objectives: To instill the confidence required to defend yourself in a threatening situation; To teach simple yet effective tactics and techniques that can be mastered with minimal training; To discuss rights and responsibilities under the criminal code of Canada.

Art Making

DESCRIPTION: Join Monty for an afternoon of spontaneous art making. She will have a variety of supplies from markers to clay to paint. Monty will take you through some fun activities that will embed therapeutic elements to this art making activity.


DESCRIPTION: Curious about Archery? Wonder how it works and how you can make an archery program happen in your community? Join Aboriginal Sports Circle for an afternoon of shooting and learning.

Traditional Medicine – FULL (This session is full and will no longer appear as an option when registering for the Conference)

DESCRIPTION: Learn about the benefits of traditional medicine and try your hand at making your own.



NWTRPA Awards Banquet

DESCRIPTION: Join us to celebrate and recognize dedicated recreation professionals and volunteers in northern communities. Awards include: Active Elder Award, Award of Excellence, Innovation Award, Scott McAdam Youth Leadership Award, and CPRA Award of Merit. A delicious full course meal and entertainment are included.

Thursday, October 25TH, 2018



Bright Spot Presentations

DESCRIPTION: Bright Spots celebrate innovation and success in recreation programming in the NWT. Each year, we welcome four presenters from around the territory to tell us about their inspiring program or event relating to Recreation, On the Land programs, Youth centres, and Elder programs.




DESCRIPTION: Join us at the AGM to learn more about what the NWTRPA achieved over the last year. The AGM is also an opportunity elect new board members and vote on association business. NWTRPA Conference regular registration requires an NWTRPA membership meaning that most delegates can attend.



Dance, Dance Revolution

DESCRIPTION: This fun-filled session will highlight the benefits and importance of dance from medical and cultural perspectives, showcase an intergenerational dance program, feature some local Jiggers and provide opportunities to learn some dance moves! Come prepared to learn, laugh and move.|
PRESENTERS:  Billie Lennie; Courtney Howard; Shirley Desjarlais and the Mildred Hall Jiggers   


Wrap-up, Prizes, and Closing Prayer

DESCRIPTION: Join us for this final session as we reflect on the Conference themes, talk about session highlights, and share our learnings. A variety of prizes will also be drawn!