A Message from the Conference Organizers

Dear Members,

The NWTRPA and Youth Centres Conference is an opportunity for recreation leaders, health care staff, students, youth, Elders, youth centre staff, and volunteers from across the territory to explore trends and issues in recreation and receive training in four specific areas: Recreation Leadership, Elders in Motion, On the Land programs, and Youth Centres.

Last year’s conference programme was inspired by the NWTRPA’s 2016 commitment to take action on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action. We sought out speakers who could help us better understand the historical and ongoing relationship between colonialism and recreation. We also invited presenters to inspire our thinking on the role of recreation in unlearning colonialism and nurturing vibrant Indigenous communities. Decolonization remains a priority for the NWTRPA, as well as for this year’s conference.

Residential schools were created to break connections between Indigenous children and their families, territories, and languages. One of the ways that we can promote healing and cultivate strong communities is to repair and strengthen these relations. At the 2018 NWTRPA and Youth Centres Conference, we will focus our attention on strengthening relations between the generations.

How can recreation create opportunities for people at different stages in their life to spend time together and, ultimately, to learn from one another? What are the benefits of intergenerational programming for individuals, families, and communities? What are the challenges posed by intergenerational programs and how might we address them? You will notice some changes to our conference layout. Following on this year’s theme of Intergenerational Connections, we have more plenaries than ever before. These plenaries will bring together the Elders in Motion, On the Land, Recreation Leadership, and Youth Centres streams, creating opportunities for cross-stream discussions about the possibilities and challenges of intergenerational programming. We will also have opportunities for stream-specific discussions during the speed dating and breakout sessions.

We hope that the 2018 conference is a space of learning, growth, and connection for you. Thank you for joining us this year.


The Conference Committee