2017 Award Winners
Scott McAdam Youth Leadership Award – Faith Raymond (Inuvik)

Faith has worked constantly to improve the quality of life in her community through her work with youth, her photography, and by representing her community in National forums. Faith has been working at the Inuvik Youth Centre since 2013, first as a volunteer and then later as a paid employee, working with and mentoring youth. Faith has also participated in Project Jewel with the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation and wrote an article about Project Jewel for Northern Public Affairs. She is also a published photographer with Tusaayaksat Magazine. This summer she represented youth in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region at the National Inuit Youth Summit in Main, Nunatsiavut.

Innovation Award – Krystal Thompson (Yellowknife)

Krystal is a body positive activist and 500 hour professional yoga therapist with six years of teaching experience. Through her yoga therapy services Krystal helps people listen to their bodies and love their bodies through yoga because she believes that every body can do yoga and that every body deserves love and respect. Krystal’s work involves offering body positive yoga classes, body confidence retreats, yoga-based self-regulation to indigenous youth, body positive yoga workshops for teens, and by-donation yoga classes raising funds for local women’s organizations, LGBTQ+ organizations and environmental organizations. Krystal also tours Canada and the U.S. with her body love yoga workshop. She is very active online, writing body positive blog posts, running body positive yoga Instagram challenges, hosting body lovin’ summits on YouTube, and offering body positive yoga programs online.

Award of Excellence – Nick Saturnino (Inuvik)

Nick is a dedicated volunteer of the Inuvik Curling Club, committing a great deal of his free time to towards making the Club a success. Nick has taken on a number of roles with the club, such as making and maintaining the Ice, teaching the Learn to Curl program, organizing bonspiels, putting on high performance clinics and coaching clinics, and helping with fundraising efforts. Nick also coaches the 2 youth curling teams. In 2017 his teams travelled and competed in Territorials and Nationals.

Active Elder Award – Marie Horassi (Fort Simpson)

Marie is an active member of the community, attending community meetings, drum dances, and traditional events. She has shown a dedication and positive attitude towards the Elders in Motion program and is involved in many community activities, such as harvesting crops and picking berries. When not in Fort Simpson, Marie spends her time in Tulita helping her children with the fall hunt, where she can be seen preparing wild meat for storage, and making dry meat and dry fish.

CPRA Award of Merit – Johann Elliot (Yellowknife)

Johanna has a long history of service to recreation Territoriality and Nationally through her involvement on the Boards of Directors of the NWTRPA and Canadian Parks & Recreation Association, as well as on various committees of those organizations. Johanna has also volunteered her time for various Yellowknife amateur sport organizations as a parent of active children in the community. Johanna has made herself available as one of the most knowledgeable people in the NWT about aquatics to any community that contacts her with questions or requests for training in aquatics. At some point, she has provided the training for almost all aquatics centres and supervisors in the NWT and has been a key delivery partner for NWTRPA programs as well as a knowledgeable champion of programs from the Red Cross, Lifesaving Society, Swim Canada, and many others.

The NWTRPA accepts nominations for the awards program annually in July. For more information about current awards and nomination guidelines, visit http://www.nwtrpa.org/awards.htm.