The 2016 Aquatics Committee. L to R: Geoff Ray, Mary Gordon, Johanna Elliot, Rose Johnson, Mike Scott, Jeff Schwartzenberger, and Tim Van Dam. Missing from the picture are Audrey Giles, Colin MacPherson, ‎Jackie Whelly, and Emmanuel Belgrave. (Photo: Tara Marchiori)

Aquatics Committee

The NWTRPA hosts a territorial aquatics committee that provides direction and support to the NWTRPA Board of Directors on all matters related to aquatics and water-safety.

The NWTRPA Aquatics Committee is comprised of aquatics leaders from Fort Smith, Hay River, Yellowknife and Inuvik, an academic with specialized knowledge in water-safety risk messaging, a community leader, and recreation leaders.

The NWTRPA Aquatics Committee role is to advocate for communities with pool and waterfront facilities. As an advocate, the Committee has provides direction to the NWTRPA Board of Directors on developing and supporting appropriate, community-sustained programs.

Aquatics Development Plan

The NWTRPA Aquatics Development Plan is a series of programs and services that improve awareness of water safety and aquatics programming to recreation leaders. Specifically, the Aquatics Development Plan works to:

  • Improve the skills and knowledge of aquatics leaders and their employers;
  • Improve access to community pool programs;
  • Improve communications, coordination and access to water safety resources.

The NWTRPA solicits input and feedback from the Territorial Aquatics Committee who provides input on strategic work plans in order to improve community aquatic programs.

Key Priorities

The key priorities for the NWTRPA Aquatics Committee are:

  • To support NWT communities with increased access to relevant aquatics programming and facility information, resources, and contact information.
  • To advocate to the Department of Health & Social Services for a review of the Public Pool Regulations.
  • To increase the access of training and support to NWT communities to hire local aquatics staff.