Active Healthy Intergenerational Connections

Active Healthy Intergenerational Connections is a three-year project to demonstrate programming that successfully promotes active, healthy aging in smaller NWT communities. The Project is designed to encourage intergenerational connections and increase active living opportunities for older adults. It also responds to the Government of the Northwest Territories’ (GNWT) strategies and plans that promote active, healthy living.

There are many projects in the territory that target specific age categories. What makes this
opportunity unique is the goal to bring people together in communities across age groups. The aim
is to create regular, repeated activities and programs in your community instead of one-time
events. We hope that bringing together different generations for activities will promote the
transmission of knowledge and inspire people to lead more active lifestyles.

Who is eligible to apply?

The application process will be open to all people that desire to create programming in their
community. Upon review of the applications, three communities will be selected in year one.
Applicants must also be willing to carry out some simple reporting and surveys, attend meetings with NWTRPA representatives, and commit to deliver programming for three consecutive years.

What activities would qualify?

The NWTRPA and its partners promote healthy, fun, and safe activities for all ages. For example, harvesting willows or birch to make baskets would be a great idea, or berry picking to make jam as a community. Community walks, gardening, drumming, dancing, preparing hides, campfires, yoga- there are many possibilities to be explored!

How can the NWTRPA assist me?

We can:

• Help you plan the program and offer ongoing support;
• Offer guidance and information so program leaders understand what activities are appropriate and safe for all participants;
• Work with community groups to help organize resources and support;
• Offer tips and suggestions from other successful intergenerational activities and programs;
• Provide financial support and how to identify opportunities for future funding to help ensure that the program continues.

How do I apply?

To apply, fill out the online application here.

If you would like assistance completing your application form, feel free to contact Jennifer at 867.669.8391 or by e-mail at

When is the application period?

Applications are now open! The deadline for applications is September 28, 2018.

Applications will be reviewed in October and three communities will be selected.

Who do I contact for more information?

Jennifer Rafferty
Phone: 867.669.8391
Fax: 867.669.6791


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