The NWTRPA Staff Team at the 2017 Annual Conference in Inuvik. L to R: Robin Young, Geoff Ray, Jess Dunkin, Sheena Tremblay.


Geoff Ray – Executive Director


Geoff Ray has been working on and off with the NWTRPA since 2003. Geoff has some schooling in political science and project management and has worked for non-profit organizations in Ottawa and Victoria, BC. Geoff is a dad to two young kids, loves to ski and wants to learn how to drive a skidoo.

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Sheena Tremblay – Director, Active Communities


Sheena Tremblay has a degree in Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership from Mount Royal University. She has now been with the NWT Recreation and Parks Association for many years and loves traveling the North and meeting new people. Sheena also has spent many hours volunteering and is currently the female coach of the Yellowknife High Performance Cross Country Skiing Team.

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Jess Dunkin – Director, On The Land Programs


Jess Dunkin moved to Yellowknife from Ontario in 2015 and has never looked back. When she isn’t working with NWT communities to support on the land programs, she can be found paddling, skiing, or tweeting about life in the #spectacularNWT. Jess holds a Bachelor of Education from Trent University and a Ph.D. in the history of recreation from Carleton.

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Amanda Grobbecker – Director, Professional Development

Amanda Grobbecker has a Masters degree in Higher Education Leadership from the University of Calgary. Originally from Ontario, Amanda loves to travel – especially to the NWT Communities. When she isn’t teaching dance or Jump A Bunch in the communities, she can be found with her daughter. She and her daughter love to be outdoors and doing anything active!

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Robin Young – Membership & Communications Manager


Originally from Nova Scotia, Robin Young completed a Bachelor of Public Relations at Mount Saint Vincent University before moving to the North in late 2014. Robin loves to ski the Burwash trails in the winter and hit the Ingram Trail with his road-bike in the summer.

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