The NWTRPA Board of Directors. First row left to right: Doreen Nitsiza, Cynthia White, Mary Gordon, Lorna Storr. Second row left to right: Tim Van Dam, Robyn McLeod, Caren Burke.

Board of Directors

The NWT Recreation and Parks Association has an eight person volunteer Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of a President, a Member-at-Large and six regional members from across the NWT.

The Board of Directors sets goals for the organization and monitors the progress towards reaching those goals.

Cynthia White - President


Cynthia White is the Community Services Program Coordinator in Fort Smith, NT. Cynthia has been a NWTRPA Board member since October 2014.

Tim Van Dam - Director (South Slave)


Tim Van Dam is a first aid, fitness and safety instructor based out of Fort Smith. Tim has been a NWTRPA Board member since September 2010 and was President from October 2015 to September 2017.

Robyn McLeod - Director (Dehcho)

Robyn Mcleod has worked for the Aboriginal Sports Circle as a traditional games facilitator and worked with the Dehcho First Nations on the Dehcho K’ehodi Land Stewardship Program. Robyn has been a Board Member since September 2017.

Jill Gilday - Director (Yellowknife)


Jill Gilday is the former Director of the Northern Youth Leadership Program in the Northwest Territories. Jill has been a NWTRPA Board member since October 2015. (through Geoff Ray)

Doreen Nitsiza - Director (North Slave)

Doreen Nitsiza is the Recreation Coordinator with the Community Government of Whati. Doreen has been a NWTRPA Board member since September 2012.

Lorna Storr - Director (Beaufort/Delta)

Lorna Storr is an elder from Aklavik where she serves on the Recreation Committee. Lorna has been a NWTRPA Board member since September 2017.

Mary Gordon - Member-at-Large

Mary Gordon works as the Assistant Recreation Coordinator and Youth Coordinator for the Hamlet of Aklavik, as well as a lifeguard during the summer. She is also a member of the NWTRPA Aquatics Committee. Mary has been a Board Members since September 2017.

Caren Burke - Director (Sahtu)


Caren Burke is a Health Promotions Specialist with the Sahtu Health and Social Services Authority. Caren has been an NWTRPA Board member since September 2016.